Taking is slow and keeping it simple......

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, I was up all night with insomnia. I didn't fall asleep until about 8:20am this morning, and I woke up again a little after 12 noon. I was tired all day, but not sleepy. Right now at 9:55pm all my tiredness is gone and I am still not sleepy??? Of coarse eating raw would have been a really good thing for my situation, but did I do what was good for me. That is a big fat NOPE.

Today I had left over Vegan Veg Soup and for dinner we had Chinese. Not fast food Chinese, but still not raw and not vegan.

Chicken w/Baby Bamboo and Leeks

Monday, October 29, 2007

Starting Point

Weight: 266
Ht: 5' 9"

At my heaviest I weighed 356. I lost the 100 pounds when I went organic. With my health issues the "doctors" told me to loose weight and it would help a great deal. I had tried really hard to loose the weight, but my health problems are what caused me to gain in the first place....and nothing was working. All my life I was between 135 and 145. Really thin for my height. Then when I went organic, and didn't change anything else, I dropped 18 pounds right away. I was sold that organic was the way to go. It just naturally came off little by little. This is over 5-7 years. The first time I went raw it was only for 2 weeks, but I felt great and lost 11 pounds. I wish I would have stayed, but I just went cold turkey and I think it was to much to fast. This is why I will take my time this time around. I need to try and be mostly raw vegan and work on learning raw preparation, and receipts. It became really boring to just eat raw fruits and veg just they way they grow with out the recipe knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I love them the way they come. God made them perfect in their own wrappers. However, it is nice to have other choices. I need to take the time to find craving substitutes. I can't expect to follow the diet perfectly after eating dead food all my life.

What I had today:
1 banana
1 avocado
A couple of almonds
1/2 banana

Dinner was cooked:
Vegan white bean and sweet potato veggie soup. Yum! Very satisfying during my slow transition.


This is my second attempt at becoming 100% raw. I plan to keep on keepn' on until I reach 100%. I truly believe in this life style choice. I have several health problems and I know they would go away if I could just commit. I know for me it will take time to be 100%, but I have a true conviction that this is the way for me. Here lies the conflict. I loose patience with myself, because I feel like a huge contraction. I know this is not a easy life style to transition to. However, it seems that if "I truly believe in being 100% raw" and if "I have a true conviction" about it that it should be easy for me. I WILL press forward! This blog will serve as a daily journal of my experiences. I also hope to inspire others, as well as myself, along the way. I subscribe to a news letter from http://www.thegardendiet.com/. Here is a recent news letter I received that pushed me to start my transition......and this blog.

Chained by their attitudes, they are a slave, they have forfeited their freedom. Only a person who risks is free.
- unknown

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing the attempt.
- William Shakespeare

I have met so many people who have been studying the raw diet and reading everything they could get their hands on about the raw diet for years and years, but have never actually tried to do it! There comes a time when all our careful study and research must end and we must have faith in our own attraction to and desire for the thing we are researching so passionately! - Take the plunge!

In Joy!

I recommend you to go to the website and sign up for the news letters. I love them !