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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I tried this Thai Salad. It was ok, but I think I might not use the almond butter next time. I guess I am just not into the 'Peanut Sauce' taste. My husband asked me to add more honey to it and he finished it.

but it looks beautiful :)

Ok, here is another one that looks beautiful....lol Taste like crap! I was experimenting..trying to make a lighter mushroom burger. I think I need to season more next time.

Now this is a winner!!!! Yummmm! and so simple!!! I got this one from http://www.sarah811.blogspot.com/ , only I added pecans to the bottom of my pan. You got to try it. It was a perfect time for me to see this recipe, because my Dad just gave me a huge bag of Persimmons from his tree.


Connie said...

aagghhrrrwww!!!! I am so tired of all of you who are "bragging" about your bags and cases and boxes and boat loads of ripe persimmons! I am sure Santa will leave all of you stockings full of ripe and ready to eat persimmons as well! No matter how many I buy, I never, never, never have more than one ripe persimmon at one time! Actually, that is not true, one day I had two, and maybe one day I had three tiny ones! But that is it, no persimmon pie for me, not ever! :( And yet I must endure your tales of their deliciousness almost daily! LOL! Enjoy your bounty lucky ones! :)

Much Love (and envy),

Sarah said...

Wow you made it look so delish! Glad you liked the idea. :) The original recipe actually had pureed mango on top, you could try that sometime too.

becoming whole said...

Connie...if only you where my neighbor. I would of gave you a half. I actually had to give some to one of my neighbors and the mailman. My Dad had given me a extra big bag and instructed me to share with friends. I would have loved to share them with you.

Sarah... thank you. I know most people love mango, but I just can't stand it. However, I want to like it so I have plans to try it every once in a while until I start to like it :) I use to hate cilantro and now after many cooked food years of my husband bringing home burritos and tacos and forgetting to tell them no cilantro (you can never pick it ALL out)...now I actually like it. It's strange though, the smell gives me a migrane.

Lovingraw said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my site. I love what you are doing here... you should be so proud. You can do anything you send your mind and heart on and I applaud you. Now as far as that recipe... I haven't done anything like a real bread yet. You can blend flax and mix it with some veggie, red pepper, onion, garlic, celery, or whatever... a little water and smooth out on the dehydrator. Just be sure to put it on thick and take it off before it gets too dry, like a cracker. That is the closest I have come. Be blissed! PHilip

shannonmarie said...

I found you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your food looks delicious.

You just reminded me about the persimmon I have in my fridge. I'll probably pull it out for a snack today.

I know what you mean about the peanuts. I prefer almonds, too.

Kristen's Raw said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year bring you everything you desire :)

Kristen's Raw

becoming whole said...

Philip and ShannonMarie, thank you so much for your comments. As you can see I haven't blogged for a while and for some reason I didn't get a e-mail when the two of you made comments, so I didn't see until today when I checked my blog to respond to Kristen's comment that DID get e-mailed to me??? wierd! Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Excited to see your comments.

Happy New Year Kristen!! Hope all of you have a wonderful New Year. I love the New Year's because it gives you a sense of a fresh start. Hope to be blogging again soon. Please come back soon.