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Friday, February 1, 2008


It has been so long since my last post....soooo much has gone on...I don't know where to start. To many things to post about. So I am just going to post as I think of them.

In December I finally got my VitaMix. The very first thing I made in it was a yummy green juice. I put 1 banana/2 apples/spinach.
I have tried a bunch of recieps and lately I am finding that I really enjoy a more simple diet. I love avacados, oranges, banana milk, green salads with lettus/green onion/beets/avacado with no dressing, tangarine juice (with a little agave it taste just like a orange julius...yum!!!!). This has pretty much been my diet. I actually crave large bowls of sliced up oranges.
I think my taste buds are really waking up. I have always loved avacados with sea salt. Sometime I would also have them with a squeez of lemon. However, lately I have found myself thinking "I don't want to ruin this avacado with anything", because in the moment I just love the way the plain avacado taste. In the past I have had a hard time eating salads because I have never been into vinigar or sour dressings, and I also never cared for sweet dressings. I have always loved creamy ones. I just couldn't find a raw dressing I liked. I know my tastebuds have really come alive because now I am loving the salad above with no dressing.
I do love dressing though so if any of you have a creamy dressing I might like, please post it for me. Last week we went to my new favorite raw resturant 'La Vie' http://www.lavie.us Finally they had a dressing that I loved! I believe it was called "Yummy Ginger" It was so good!! I am not really a ginger person, but to me it didn't taste like ginger. I can't wait to go back. Next time I will take pictures for you. I forgot until after I ate all my food....lol If you use my link and go to the menu you will see what we got. We got the fajitas, tacos and sundried tomato and olive pizza. YUUUUUMMMMMMM! My husband and I always share everything, but we did over order. I was just so excited and wanted to taste everything. The fajitas where my favorite and I have been craving them every since. Jes really liked the tacos. It was all GREAT! We also took home desert and had it the next morning for breakfast. I got a slice of blueberry cheese cake and Jes got...well I forgot what he got...but I know it had toffee in the name of it and it was also yummy. The owner also gave us 2 hay stacks on the house, because my husband told her that the food was kick ass!, and she appreciated that....lol


shannonmarie said...

It's so great to see you back. I see you've made it on Heidi and Justin's list.

raw_veganlondoner said...

Good to see you back!!

Connie said...

I was just about to remove you from my blog roll. I thought you had exited cyberspace! lol Welcome back!


becoming whole said...

Thank you so much Shannonmarie, raw_veganlondoner and Connie! It was really nice to get your comments. I was worried that I had been gone so long that no one was checking my blog anymore. Thank you Connie for not removing me yet!

Shannonmarie, I am a little lost. Maybe I have been gone to long. Can you send me the link to Heidi and Justin's so I can see?

Azura Skye said...

glad you are back : )
Hope everything is going good for you and that you are experimenting lots!

take care!

becoming whole said...

Thank you Azura, glad to see you kept checking on me :)

becoming whole said...

Shannonmarie, I feel like such a dork. I know who Hiedi and Justin are..lol I was gone a little to long...lol

Matt Monarch said...

Hello Becoming Whole,

This is Matt Monarch with the raw food world. I have a question for you. If you could email me at matt@rawspirit.org, that would be great.


hannah said...

creamy dressing:
raw tahini
apple cider vinegar
nama shoyu
lemon juice
this only works if you are ok with nama shoyu and ACV

becoming whole said...

Hi Hannah,
Sorry I took so long. As you can see from my blog. I haven't been blogging. I'm here now and I am really going to try not to bail this time. I am in a much better place.

I just wanted to say thank you for the recipe, and let you know I appreciate it.