Taking is slow and keeping it simple......

Thursday, October 8, 2009


As you can see from my blog....I have not blogged forever!! I fell off the "Raw Vegan Wagon" and have still not jumped back on. I really struggle, with understanding, how it is that I can believe in anything as much as I believe in the Raw Vegan lifestyle, and still REALLY struggle with staying raw. Maybe some of you can write me with your struggles and stories. Maybe your stories can help me get to a better place.

Since I haven't been blogging much...I have started a "Becoming Raw Vegan" facebook page. Thought I might use that as a "blog" for a while and see if I stay in touch better. Please give me your feed back about using Facebook. I would love to hear your opinions about Facebook. Also, if you are already using Facebook, please send me a friend request. You can find me on Facebook by using the "First Name": Becoming, and "Last Name": Rawvegan. You can also click on the title "FACEBOOK" above for a direct link.

I would really appreciate hearing from all of you.
Thank you

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farm Fresh To You

I am so EXCITED!!!! I just signed up for Farm Fresh To You. They delivery local organic produce straight to your door. I can't always make it to the local farmers market, so I thought this would be the next best thing. If you live in the Bay Area you should check them out. www.farmfreshtoyou.com
If you are already a customer of theirs, please let me know how you like the service.
I will recieve my first weekly box from Farm Fresh To You on 5/28/09. I will be sure to take a picture of the box of produce from Farm Fresh To You, so I can share it with you.
Sorry I haven't been blogging. I need a new computer. This one is running so slow that it has taken me almost 2 hours just to post this simple blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter is always better with Ice Cream....Isn't everything??

My 9 month old niece Pepper (aka Corinth)

Strawberry Ice Cream....Yummo!

She loved it! Especially because she was teething!

I just love this picture of my husband holding her....too cute!

Strawberry Ice Cream:
Frozen Bananas (sliced before freezing)
Frozen Strawberries (with the tops on)
1 Banana not frozen
1/3 to 1/2 Vanilla Bean
In my Vitamix I put in the 1 banana and the Vanilla Bean and blend well (you can also add agave or any other sweetener at this point if your fruit is not sweet enough for you)
Then I add in my frozen Bananas and Strawberries using my Vitamix plunger to move things around.
That is it....enjoy! I like to eat it right away.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My husband is back to work!!!!! He got called back to his old job. What a relief!

My Husband with my nephew Titus

We also, finally finished preparing our house and it is up for sale!!! Please everyone pray for us that our home sells fast! We really need it to sell.
Our Home
Front Porch
Living Room
Back Yard
Hopefully I will have the time now to be on-line a little more often. It will still be a lot of daily work to maintain the house for pop-up viewings, but I hope to be in contact with you all on-line a little more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


please hang in here with me. I don't want to loose my community. We have been struggling with my husband (Jesse) still being out of work, and we have been really busy trying to prepare our house to put it on the market. We need to sell it. It is just to expensive to stay here.
My diet has also been struggling during this time. I am definately off the wagon right now. I need all of your comments, friendships and this community. It is all of you that help me to stay on track to reaching my goal. It is so hard to not go for those SAD comfort foods when you are stressed and worried.
I noticed I lost a few followers too, and I am so bummed about that. I know that is on me for not posting. Please believe me when I say I value this community so much!!! I hope to be on here more next month, once this house preparation is out of the way.
Lots of love and good thoughts to all of you.....

Monday, January 5, 2009


I really need help finding a juicer. My Birthday is on the 14th and I will be getting my juicer!!! Problem is...I don't know what one to get. I am wanting something along the lines of a Green Star or Champion...etc..
Please, Please, Please, I need your help! Please send me your opinions and experiences ASAP. I need to make up my mind fast.

These are some Melons from the Farmer's Market last summer. I am just really missing melons right now.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I just love when the new year comes around. It really brings me a feeling of new beginnings. I find it liberating. Here I am.....been bummed out about being off my raw path. On one hand I feel like it is no big deal as long as I still have to goal, and I keep coming back to it. On the other had I bum myself out because I know that if I just stuck to it I would be over all the bumps and hurdles by now. I really don't get many cravings now, but once in a while I do get them. Actually, most of the time when I get them, then give in to them.... afterwards I find that whatever the craving is (that I just eat) wasn't even satisfying. The thought and the expectation the proceed the indulgence, are better then the SAD food actually taste. I guess my body is changing, but my mind it lagging behind. To me, the New Year brings with it a kind of "Do Over". A fresh start!

Lately I have been eating mostly vegan, about 30% raw and 70% cooked. I have really been sucking in the raw department. I think I have been giving into the cold weather. For me, raw is so much easier in the summer.

My husband has been trying to go vegan as well. He is not quiet ready for 100% raw. However, I believe the more vegan he goes, and the more of my raw food he eats the more his body will change on it's own and crave more raw. This is also what I am hoping for myself, however, I will also be focusing on more raw food. I just really want to make it 100%. I need it for my health. I need healing.

I really believe in the raw lifestyle. That is the other thing that nags at me. You would think that if you really believe in something, that it would be easier to do. It seems that it would be a no brainer!
Thank you Lord for a New Year!!! New beginnings, and a fresh start!

I will be getting a new Juicer and a Excalibur Dehydrator this year. I think, one this month and the other next month. I am not sure what juicer is best. A couple are really similar. I would really love any of your suggestions. Please write me with your comments and opinions. Once I get my new juicer, I am also thinking about trying a Juice Feast. If you have ever done one. I would love to hear your story's and experiences. I know this will really help jump start me and get body in the right direction. I would also love to hear your favorite green juice recipes. I would love to get more green juice in me to help with candida. I notice psoriasis issues when I have to much sugar. I tend to drink green smoothies over juice. I just can't find a green juice I like.