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Monday, January 5, 2009


I really need help finding a juicer. My Birthday is on the 14th and I will be getting my juicer!!! Problem is...I don't know what one to get. I am wanting something along the lines of a Green Star or Champion...etc..
Please, Please, Please, I need your help! Please send me your opinions and experiences ASAP. I need to make up my mind fast.

These are some Melons from the Farmer's Market last summer. I am just really missing melons right now.


Anonymous said...

I really want to help you sweetheart, my problem is that you know more about them then me, but I will try to find out any info I can. Love You

Anonymous said...

I suggest the Angel juicer, easily googled. It is stainless steel, a twin gear, highest in efficiency next to a Norwalk apparently.. many other great features. A few of my friends strongly recommended it.
I am going to be upgrading to the super angel 3500 I think since my family is adopting the one I brought home for the holidays. Got them into juicing (and algae) too :)

becoming whole said...

Thank you so much blondeoverblue. I have never even heard of the Angel Juicer. I will definately look into that one. May I ask what juicer you are upgrading from?

Loulou said...

I really enjoy using my champion juicer...I use it most days and it is relatively easy to clean (I think the knack is to clean it directly after you have used it as opposed to letting it dry up slightly....)
Although, I haven't tried any other juicer in that level to compare it with. I am happy with mine though if that helps in any way.

Sarah said...

i got a centrifugal type one and it leaves the pulp too moist and i have to empty it while juicing if i'm trying to make a lot of juice. that's all i have to offer.

becoming whole said...

Thanks Loulou and Sarah!

Loulou...are there any types of fruit or Leafy's that you have found don't juice well in the Champion?

Sarah...what is the brand name of the centrifugal type that you have?

Raw in Montana! said...

I love my Green Star-it's noit the fastest clean up, but maintains the integrity of the juice longer and you end up with really dry pulp(which means more juice extracted!). I did a Juice Feast last January and you can check out my experience at www.rawinmontana.blogspot.com. Kudos to you and keep your head held high!! :)

becoming whole said...

Thank you RawinMontana.
Ok I have the same quesiton for you...are there any types of fruit or Leafy's that you have found don't juice well in the Green Star?

I am kind of toddering between the Green Star and the Champion. I would love to hear from someone who has used both.

Kombuchachic said...

Did you buy your juicer yet? I would just like to say that I absolutely love my Champion commercial grade. Good luck with your decision!


becoming whole said...

Hi Heather...No, sorry to say, I have not bought my juicer yet :( I can't wait! ...but I have to. Unfortunately, my husband just got laid off on the 9th and I just can't do it right now.

Are there any leafy's or fruit (maybe stone fruit?) that you can't juice with yours?

Anonymous said...

I love my Champion, which I have had for about 10 years. It not only juices but makes wonderful smoothies and ice cream. I have been told you can make nut butters but I have never tried. I have put sweet potatoes through to make a pie. If you keep your eyes open you might find a bargain, my dad found a mint condition Champion at te flea market for $50. Good Luck and Happy Belated Birthday!


katie said...

shoot, i tried to leave a comment and i think i lost it.

anyway, if you haven't gotten your juicer yet, i was going to say that i've seen lots of info about making juice using a blender, e.g. on this juice feasting site:

and the vitamix blender is apparently awesome for this (as it is for everything else...those things are incredible). if you don't have one yet you might want to invest when you are able, because they're an awesome raw fooding tool. i finally splurged on one last week and love it. anyway, here's a coupon to get free shipping if you order a vitamix:
Order directly from Vitamix and get free standard shipping when you quote the code 06-003915

Anonymous said...

I say - use a vitamix, don't get a juicer! I use my vitamix to juice, i hate using my juicer (takes more time). Strain juice thru a nutmilk bag after using the vitamix and BAM juice is done!

link to my blog 2juicy.blogspot.com

Kristina said...

We have a champion and it warms the juice slightly and you cannot do leafy greens and the pulp is wet, we are now saving for a Green Star we use one at a friends a lot and in my opinion if your really into juice you wont mind that its a little harder to clean. Sorry your hubby got laid off we had a rough winter too my husband is just now working again. Stay positive it will all work out and you can get a used juicer off craigslist if you find it hard to wait.


becoming whole said...

Katie...thanks for the info. I do have a VitaMix and I LOVE it too. I am looking for a juicer to do a juice feast with just juice (not the whole fruit). I could use the VitaMix and a nutmilk bag to strain it...but to much mess and time....lol Still looking, but put it on whole until we sell our house (just busy right now with that) or until my husband goes back to work and I have the money...lol Thanks again!

Winona....lol just read your post after writing above about using the nutmilk bag...lol Isn't it a pain to do that over and over? Well, you are right, a juicer will prob be more time consumming? I need to think on this more before I spend the money on a juicer..thanks.

Kristina...Thank you so much for your encouragement! If we can get our house sold it will be all good. I will keep everyone posted. Thank you for the info on the juicer. This is the kind of feedback I am looking for..thanks.

Carlisia said...

Hi there,

I did the feast for 7 days using the Vitamix. Then I continued doing juices that way for a while. Then I got the Green Star. It was a huge difference! It is less time, you will need less produce to get the same amount of juice, and the juice is way better. I love the Green Star and highly recommend it.

becoming whole said...

Thank you Carlisia! I think I am leaning toward the Green Star. What model do you have?

Nice name too! I have never heard yours before.

Anonymous said...

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