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Friday, January 2, 2009


I just love when the new year comes around. It really brings me a feeling of new beginnings. I find it liberating. Here I am.....been bummed out about being off my raw path. On one hand I feel like it is no big deal as long as I still have to goal, and I keep coming back to it. On the other had I bum myself out because I know that if I just stuck to it I would be over all the bumps and hurdles by now. I really don't get many cravings now, but once in a while I do get them. Actually, most of the time when I get them, then give in to them.... afterwards I find that whatever the craving is (that I just eat) wasn't even satisfying. The thought and the expectation the proceed the indulgence, are better then the SAD food actually taste. I guess my body is changing, but my mind it lagging behind. To me, the New Year brings with it a kind of "Do Over". A fresh start!

Lately I have been eating mostly vegan, about 30% raw and 70% cooked. I have really been sucking in the raw department. I think I have been giving into the cold weather. For me, raw is so much easier in the summer.

My husband has been trying to go vegan as well. He is not quiet ready for 100% raw. However, I believe the more vegan he goes, and the more of my raw food he eats the more his body will change on it's own and crave more raw. This is also what I am hoping for myself, however, I will also be focusing on more raw food. I just really want to make it 100%. I need it for my health. I need healing.

I really believe in the raw lifestyle. That is the other thing that nags at me. You would think that if you really believe in something, that it would be easier to do. It seems that it would be a no brainer!
Thank you Lord for a New Year!!! New beginnings, and a fresh start!

I will be getting a new Juicer and a Excalibur Dehydrator this year. I think, one this month and the other next month. I am not sure what juicer is best. A couple are really similar. I would really love any of your suggestions. Please write me with your comments and opinions. Once I get my new juicer, I am also thinking about trying a Juice Feast. If you have ever done one. I would love to hear your story's and experiences. I know this will really help jump start me and get body in the right direction. I would also love to hear your favorite green juice recipes. I would love to get more green juice in me to help with candida. I notice psoriasis issues when I have to much sugar. I tend to drink green smoothies over juice. I just can't find a green juice I like.


Bueller said...

Great blog. My favorite green juice is swiss chard, cucumber, apple, celery and spinach. It's very light and not very green! But still good for you. I too lend to smoothies over juice. You can also through an orange pepper in there for vitamin C if you like. Play with it. It doesn't have to be solid green. Use more watery veggies.


becoming whole said...

Thank you Bueller.

I guess when I say smoothie I mean greens with fruit (usually adding bananna to cover the taste). I want to find some green juice recipes that do not include fruit that I like. Do you have any of those? Does anyone have any?

I saw a V8 Type one on LovingRaw.com that I think I might try.

becoming whole said...

I am going to try your recipe too...thank you

Correction to my last comment. I want to find a green juice recipe that I like that does not include fruit....lol I said it backwards above and it sounds like I want a recipe that has fruit that I don't like...lol sorry for any confusion

Loulou said...

Hey, have a look at this and scroll down to the juice blitz bit (there is a lot of other stuff too but not related to the juice feast you wanted to know more about sorry)

One of my favourite green juices and the one in which I and hubby have daily in fact is the ''Green Lemonade'' from Natalia Rose's ''The Raw Food Detox Diet''

1 head romaine lettuce or celery (I always use spinach)
5-6 stalks of kale or cucumber (I always use cucumber as I haven't found kale here at all)
1 - 2 apples (I always use 1 small)
1 shole organic lemon (I always use 1/2 as I found 1 whole was too lemony for me - also, leave as much pith on as poss - but peel the rind off as is bitter- as the pith is in fact the most nutritious part of the citrus fruit)
1 - 2 inches fresh ginger (I don't peel this)

The lemon really seems to cut out the green (sometimes bitter ) taste.

Hope this all helps

becoming whole said...

lol...I had already bet you to it..lol I copied down your whole section on Juice Blitz yesterday. I can't wait to get my juicer!!!!

Thank you for the "Green Lemonade" comment.

I will be sure to post about each juice I try so you can see how I liked them. Thanks again!

cindy said...

the absolute best green juice feast or fast? is one made of fresh, organic green sprouts:

sunflower sprouts
pea sprouts
mixed in with blue green algae (E3Live)

we do a juice fast once a week together with an enema and you would not believe how clear we feel after each one.

Be real careful not to consume too much sugar in the form of fruit juices.

If you want a bunch of resources check out our blog and comment if you like at:

wish you the best with your raw, vegan lifestyle. its' the best!!!

becoming whole said...

Thank you for the comment Cindy! I did peep at your site and I really like it. You will definately be seeing comments from me shortly.

Renee said...

HI- I checked into several types and model; I just bought a Breville JEXL juicer 1000 watt. It 's really powerful and juices quite fast, and has a large chute so less cutting. It may not produce the dryest pulp, but it is fairly easy to clean and takes me about half the time to juice and clean up compared to when I used an Omega 1000. Convenience means a lot to me, as I think I will use it more if it's easy from start to finish. I had 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond so that saved me $60.
Also check out Life regenerator on Youtube for Dan the Man, great vids on juicing and raw life!

becoming whole said...

Renee~ Funny I was jsut checking out the Breville last night. Then I came across the Magimix Le Duo XL on http://www.eujuicers.com/en/catalog/juicers/household/centrifugal-juicers/magimix-le-duo-xl-green

And I think I am going to save up for that one. They have a demo comparing it to the Breville and the Magimix le Duo seems to yeild you more juice and less oxidation. I am really loving it right now. Just need to come up with the dough :) Thank you for your help and comments!