Taking is slow and keeping it simple......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter is always better with Ice Cream....Isn't everything??

My 9 month old niece Pepper (aka Corinth)

Strawberry Ice Cream....Yummo!

She loved it! Especially because she was teething!

I just love this picture of my husband holding her....too cute!

Strawberry Ice Cream:
Frozen Bananas (sliced before freezing)
Frozen Strawberries (with the tops on)
1 Banana not frozen
1/3 to 1/2 Vanilla Bean
In my Vitamix I put in the 1 banana and the Vanilla Bean and blend well (you can also add agave or any other sweetener at this point if your fruit is not sweet enough for you)
Then I add in my frozen Bananas and Strawberries using my Vitamix plunger to move things around.
That is it....enjoy! I like to eat it right away.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My husband is back to work!!!!! He got called back to his old job. What a relief!

My Husband with my nephew Titus

We also, finally finished preparing our house and it is up for sale!!! Please everyone pray for us that our home sells fast! We really need it to sell.
Our Home
Front Porch
Living Room
Back Yard
Hopefully I will have the time now to be on-line a little more often. It will still be a lot of daily work to maintain the house for pop-up viewings, but I hope to be in contact with you all on-line a little more.